Stop Travelling Conmen

Stop Travelling Conmen is a Community Awareness Campaign developed by GSC and initiated by Consumer Affairs Victoria to empower the public to take a stand and help Stop Travelling Conmen. 

Travelling conmen target home owners around Australia, showing up at their door uninvited and pressuring them into having home repairs done “on the spot” with a cash only payment. Many do shoddy work; others take the money and run.   They prey particularly on the elderly and people who have recently arrived in Australia. Often the conmen work in “gangs”, moving quickly through a neighbourhood then disappearing… only to start again on the other side of the city or the other side of the State.

The campaign features 3 typical residents (played by actors) being approached by Travelling Conmen and shows how the residents got the Conmen to leave.  The resident’s responses were developed as concise, easy to remember sentences, showing our audience it’s OK to say no and here’s how you can go about it.

The campaign was multi-channelled through GSC’s Creative Strategy, resulting in TV Community Service Announcements and video versions for Social Media, Print Advertisements, Posters and Web Banners.

Originally developed for a 12 month media run, the success of the campaign saw it continued into a second year.

CLIENT: Consumer Affairs  Department of Justice

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