Musica Surfica

Musica Surfica is a documentary that follows one man's creative journey. Richard Tognetti, the Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, as he seeks new inspiration from traditional and classical music.  Richard is a world-renowned violinist and a life-long surfer and Musica Surfica brings together a unique gathering of classical musicians and surfers, with a purpose to opening minds to new ideas by demonstrating the benefits of taking risks in their art.

Richard teams up with surfing virtuoso Derek Hynd to bring together a unique gathering of classical musicians and top surfers including 2 time world champion, Tom Carroll on remote King Island in Southern Australia, as they explore new boundaries in experimental surfing, riding radically-designed unfinned surfboards and traditional boards based on 300-year old Hawaiian designs, including a massive 16 foot Alaia.
It's an experiment that demands fresh thinking, or ancient methods to keep control... with an imperative to take risks in order to explore and develop new ideas... in surfing, music and in life

The soundtrack features outstanding performances by Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.  Richard performs on the Guarneri del Gesu "Carrodus" Violin, crafted in 1743 and conservatively valued at $A10 million.

AWARDS: Best Documentary at New York, San Francisco, France, Brazil and South Africa Film Festivals. 

Musica Surfica screens on Foxtel and is available on DVD. Click here to purchase a copy.

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