MoneySmart Yoga

We can all do with some help when it comes to controlling our money. That’s why ASIC MoneySmart developed a series of advice pages, Apps and handy Calculators for its web-site. GSC is helping promote the web-site through a series of 30 second online videos developed for a range of social media and other channels.

The audience is primarily women aged 25-44, who want to take control of their finances.  Many  put it in the “too hard” basket, and GSC knew we needed to develop a light, fun message to encourage them to give it a go.

So we developed a series of animated videos featuring Monica, a typical 30-something living a busy life.  

In this video, Monica's in a yoga class, worrying about her money; but thanks to Budget Planner, she finds her financial balance to stretch her money that little bit further.

CLIENT: MoneySmart (ASIC)

CATEGORIES: Animation & Graphics;  Branded Content;  Community Awareness Campaigns;  Online and Social Media;  Featured; 






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