Jack and Jill

Jill the mechanic has a nasty secret, she doesn't pay her bills, her employees super or her tax.  This gives her an unfair advantage over her competitor Jack who always does the right thing. 

Jack’s business was doing well, until Jill opened up across the road and starting undercutting him and luring away his customers with her lower prices.  Of course, her overheads were lower because she wasn’t paying her staff correctly nor meeting her tax obligations.

It looked like Jack was about to close up shop until he was saved by the new, innovative world of STP,  which means Jack can now run his business on a level playing field, helping him compete with Jill on costs, as well as saving him time and money. 

The Cash economy is widespread among Australian small businesses.  Often staff are under paid and their super contributions are not paid at all. This makes it easier for cash businesses to undercut their competition on prices, effectively penalising those businesses that are doing the right thing and paying their staff correctly.

But STP will change all that, meaning Jack and Jill can run their businesses in a fair environment.  STP  was developed to help reduce the cash economy and put all small businesses on a level playing field.  At the same time, it helps all businesses improve productivity and spend minimum time on the accounting side of their business 

Because the 'cash economy' is often an emotive topic, GSC developed this animation approach to allow an entertaining 'cut through' with a serious message for this conceptual prototype video.

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