Inspired by Gippsland

This campaign to promote the Victorian region of Gippsland involved a concept around three passionate Australians who share their thoughts about what makes Gippsland such a special place.  The campaign features

  • Tim Cope, world adventurer and traveller, visits the spectacular rain forest of Tarra Bulga near his home-town, the place that fuelled his desire for travelling the globe. 
  • Renowned photographer Lisa Saad’s passion for visual story-telling through portraits takes her to the stunning Gippsland Lakes; and
  • Pro-surfer Glyndon Ringrose finds inspiration in the waves and natural beauty of Wilson’s Promontory.  

All three are inspired by Gippsland, in this travel campaign for Destination Gippsland and Tourism Victoria.

From a production viewpoint, GSC worked through a short list of potential interviewees, contacting and assessing each ones’ suitability for the project.   In consultation with our client, we then arrived at our final list of three.

We then contacted and interviewed each ambassador in detail, then researched and scripted an outline of what they would say when on camera. 

This gave us a good indication of the final content to discuss with our client.   When we conducted the filmed interview, we ensured it was evocative and natural.  We selected locations that resonated with our ambassador’s message, then carefully crafted these together to tell the story of Gippsland for our audience. 

The result is a captivating campaign that has successfully promoted Gippsland as a destination. 

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