Fruit Fly Prevention

While most of Australia‚Äôs agricultural areas are fruit fly free, there is a perception internationally that fruit flies are prevalent in Australia.   This is negatively impacting the potential of our exports to Asia, whose countries demand all imported produce be fruit fly free.

GSC developed this video for an international audience who have various levels of knowledge about Australian geography and climatic conditions.   The video needed to clearly show the extensive and exhaustive controls Australia uses to keep its key agricultural areas fruit fly free, and show the emergency procedures on stand-by if a fruit fly outbreak occurs.

Filming in 3 states, we visited fruit farms and interviewed farmers on how they monitor and protect their crops from fruit fly.  Interviews with Biosecurity officials demonstrated the procedures in place not only at the farm gate but at major transit points such as Shipping Terminals, Airports and major road transport routes.

Motion graphics were used to demonstrate the large distances in Australia between agricultural areas and isolated areas of fruit fly activity, as well as showing the climatic conditions across the country which make it impossible for fruit flies to survive.

The video was produced in English and then GSC translated and re-recorded the voice-overs and interviews into Korean, Japanese and Chinese versions.

The video is shown to high level international Government decision makers so they can make informed decisions about allowing Australian produce into their markets. 


CLIENT: Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

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