Advanced Manufacturing

Australia’s manufacturing base is constantly being challenged.  With more companies being lured off shore, the challenge is for Australian companies to diversify and innovate, taking existing skills and transforming them into the skills that will be in demand in the future.

To further expand Victoria’s manufacturing base, Invest Victoria commissioned GSC to produce a series of videos that showcase Victoria’s manufacturing credentials as a great place to invest, start a new business, work and live. 

These videos feature Case Studies with a variety of experienced manufacturers, showing how their specialized skills in the automotive manufacturing industry have been transformed into other areas, including building and construction, aviation and precision design manufacturing.

Through this approach, this series of videos are introducing international investors to Victoria; presenting Melbourne as resourceful and innovative location with progressive infrastructure, making it the ideal place for both domestic and international investment.

The videos form an integral part of Victoria’s trade initiatives around the world, used at live events, in-person presentations and playing a crucial role in online and social media campaigns. 

CLIENT: Invest Victoria

CATEGORIES: Community Awareness Campaigns;  Marketing and Communications;  Branded Content;  Animation & Graphics; 






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