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Ever wanted to play judge and sentence a convicted offender?  Now you can.  This web-site allows you to hear the evidence, ask questions and then you decide the punishment. 

Featuring Videos and loads of interactivity, this resource was developed for anyone who wants to know more about Australia's criminal sentencing system.   It also includes a case at the Magistrates Court, looking at the family history of the offender, as well as the resulting Sentence and what’s involved in a Community Service Order.

Built as a custom development, You Be the Judge is designed to allow our client to add new “cases”  in the future. Developed in HTML-5 and fully functional on smartphones and tablets, the site is currently being upgraded.  

The back-end was developed to provide user information and stats, pushing stats to Google Analytics, where we wrote a series of custom reports to allow specific data to be gathered to suit our client’s requirements.


Most people don’t understand how Judges decide on the appropriate sentence for a convicted criminals.  There are many factors, but the information can be dry and boring.   Our client wanted to reach their audience (general public and students) but knew they needed a more informative, captivating approach to grab and hold our audience’s attention.

So we developed an approach that focussed on the important human element of Sentencing.   We followed the dynamic style of TV Crime Shows in our Videos and promotions, which included interviews with each Criminal. 

And we designed the resource to have a contemporary, non-governmental/education feel that resonated well with our audience.  We took the dry Case Study facts and converted them into 4 stories that became an entertaining, personalised view of the criminal and the elements that went into them committing a crime.  

We then showed the highlights of the Court Case (3 – 9 short questions and answers) and the related Sentencing was developed into a simple game play, so you really can be the judge

The result is a resource where our audience take a fun, interactive, educational journey from Crime through to Sentencing in a matter of minutes.

Evaluation of the resource came from a number of factors.  Focus testing of the original project before launch, then online comments posted by users, Usage Stats and word of mouth feed-back from users and Teachers.

Our clients reported that they are very happy with the positive feed-back they’ve received, and the web-site has been promoted within the Government as a great example of how to engage with the public on sometimes controversial subject matter.

You Be the Judge was featured on ABC-TV’s Lateline program in October 2016. 

Finalist Best Secondary Resource: Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards


CLIENT: Sentencing Council Department of Justice

CATEGORIES: Schools and Education;  Online and Social Media;  Community Awareness Campaigns;  Drama; 






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