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Schools and Education

When a group of high-school friends post a rumour online about a rival, it sparks a chain reaction that leaves no one untouched.   Sexting, cyber bullying, illegal videotaping, national media coverage...

Jack and Jill

Community Awareness Campaigns

Jill the mechanic has a nasty secret, she doesn't pay her bills, her employees super or her tax. This gives her an unfair advantage over her competitor Jack who always does the right thing. But STP...

Stop Travelling Conmen

Community Awareness Campaigns

Consumer Affairs Victoria contacted GSC to help develop a community awareness campaign informing the public of the dangers of travelling conmen who target home owners around Australia, showing up at...


Skills and Training

Animation tracing the history of communications in Australia from the first mail through to the digital age. It's designed to encourage people to continue to adopt paperless communication as the ATO...

You be the Judge Website

Schools and Education

Ever wanted to play judge and sentence a convicted offender?  Now you can.  This web-site allows you to hear the evidence, ask questions and then you decide the punishment.  Featuring videos and loads...

WorkSafe Injury Support and Service Awards

Branded Content

Each year, WorkSafe Agents help injured workers return to work or transition into new opportunities.  However, the Agents achievements don’t always receive the recognition they deserve.   So the...

ANZAC Centenary Facebook App

Online and Social Media

2014 - 2019 marks Australia’s commemorations of the ANZAC Centenary.  To encourage everyone to be a part of the Centenary, we created this custom Facebook application which allows users to upload...

Inspired by Gippsland

Branded Content

Tim Cope, world adventurer and  traveller, visits the spectacular rain forest of Tarra Bulga near his home-town, the place that fuelled his desire for travelling the globe.  Renowned photographer Lisa...

Musica Surfica


Musica Surfica is a documentary that follows one man's creative journey. Richard Tognetti, the Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, as he seeks new inspiration from traditional and...


Digital Citizen Web-site

Community Awareness Campaigns

GSC developed the creative approach, video, animation and web design for this ACMA resource, the web-site is designed to engage the population and open up a conversation about what it means to be a...

Digital DNA

Schools and Education

Our digital life-cycle begins before we are born and continues beyond the grave.  Whether we believe this is good or bad, it’s a reality that we should all be aware of. Using hand-drawn...


Schools and Education

Produced for a teenage audience, Connections features our team of Presenters as they talk with young people about social media, online friendships, internet safety, scams and more. 


The Great Freight Race

Skills and Training

GSC developed this interactive recruitment and educational program for the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia to help paint the big picture of the global import/export industry from...

MoneySmart Rookie

Schools and Education

Created for ASIC, the MoneySmart Rookie series shows how to avoid common financial Rookie errors when buying your first car, moving out of home, finding your first job, getting a mobile phone,...



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