Remember Me: Hearing Children's Voices

Produced for the Family Court and developed to educate Parents, this drama-based resource features four families as they work through conflicts of family separation and divorce.

The resource was designed to introduce Parents to the impact that their actions during divorce and separation can have on their children. Because the effect on each child is largely age-dependent, we developed the program in 4 segments.  We created drama-based scenarios looking at parenting issues for a 5 year old, an 8 year old, 11 year old and 14 year old.

Our Creative Approach had to be highly relevant for Parents. We wrote everyday scenarios that seem harmless enough in isolation, but can have a huge impact on a child who is already experience family tension. 

For example, as his parents fight over who’s going to pay for his sneakers, Will doesn’t even bother to tell his Mum about the school camp he’s been looking forward to all year.  He figures that if he asks for $50 to go on camp, it will just start another fight over money.  And he already feels (incorrectly) that it’s his fault Mum and Dad have split up. 

Or as Dad drives his young teenage daughter to her Soccer Grand final, he starts arguing with his ex-wife on the phone, gets distracted and takes a wrong turn. The delay means his daughter misses the start of the Grand Final and she has to sit on the bench, while another girl takes her place on the field for the game of the year.

Feed-back on the outcome was very positive.  Initially intended for preparatory sessions with Counsellors and Psychologists, the resource is often prescribed by Family Law Judges and mediators as part of their Family Orders. As well, we’ve received personal feed-back from Family Counsellors and parents themselves who say it is one of the best videos on the topic.

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